About vIVe

Meet Becca and Jana, Co-Founders of vIVe

Becca and Jana crossed paths while collaborating in integrative healthcare at Natural Choice Pediatrics in Frisco, TX. Inspired by the profound impact of core nutrients on patients’ holistic wellness, they embarked on a mission to innovate personalized IV therapy, aiming to redefine the scope of holistic health.

With IV therapy, nutrients circumvent the digestive process, facilitating rapid absorption and heightened potency. Emphasizing convenience and adherence, their aspiration is to rejuvenate both mind and body through this transformative approach.


Becca Greco

Hey there! I'm Becca, one of the co-founders behind vIVe, and I'm all about making lives better. Hailing from upstate New York, I kicked off my nursing gig back in 2014, specializing in psychiatry. Fast forward to 2017, I leveled up to a nurse practitioner in integrative healthcare. Every day, I blend the best of traditional and natural care to give patients and their families a well-rounded experience. I've got this huge passion for weaving together science and wellness, and I'm all about creating a space where you can recharge and feel amazing. Can't wait to be part of your journey to feeling your best!

Jana Valenciano

Hey there! I'm Jana, co-owner and one of the passionate minds behind this awesome journey. I started my nursing career back in 2014, working my way up in a big hospital system in Colorado. By 2019, I proudly switched gears to become a family nurse practitioner. Along the way, I've had some great experiences in acute care, pre and post-operative care, and pediatrics. My dedication to integrative care has deepened my appreciation for the benefits of supplements, promoting a holistic approach. Being a nurse at heart, I take real pride in looking after others, making sure they get the best and safest care possible.